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Beginning 3/29/2020, until further notice, we will be offering the opportunity to come to the building for a short devo and communion. We ask that 10 people max for each end of the building (20 total at a time) attend. We will separate the people when you arrive if over 10 show. This is to comply with the recent request made by our Mayor and City Council, along with being able to worship our Lord on the first day of the week. The times will be offered at 9:30 am, and 10:30 am. If you are unable to come to the building and still wish to take communion, please let Ralph or David know so that we can make arrangements to come to your house.
1st Devo and Communion: 9:30 am
2nd Devo and Communion: 10:30 am
After the 10:30 am service, Ralph and David will take to homes who wish it.

We would love for you to come worship with us!

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Minister     Ralph Anderson

- - Ministry Purpose Statement - -
Teaching, Training and Transforming Lives Into
The Image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29)